How do I become a pilot?

We get many potential students asking what steps they will have to take to become an airline pilot, and we would like to lay out a step-by-step guide detailing the process.

Much of this information can be found all over the web, but we understand that it’s helpful to have it right in front of you; so please scroll down, read through the information, click on the helpful links and enjoy. If you have any questions, please press button contact us and we can provide more information for you.

Follow 6 Main Steps To Your Career as a Pilot-

Step 1: Choose your Flight School and earn a Private Pilot certificate.

Individuals interested in becoming a pilot will first need to determine what type of license they want to earn. The FAA offers several types of pilot certifications, including sport pilot, recreational pilot, private pilot and commercial pilot. At Airmax Aviation, we specialize in Pilot Airline Career program and single pilot licenses for example, Private Pilot.

Step 2: Earn an instrument rating.

IFR: Operate aircraft in low-visibility situations where you cannot solely navigate using visual references under VFR or Visual Flight Rules. Heavy cloud cover, heavy rain and night flying are examples of flying IFR or Instrument Flight Rules, and you learn to navigate the aircraft between navigation aids and carry out instrument approaches to land. 

Step 3: Earning a Commercial Pilot certificate. More experience and higher requirements allows pilots to legally be paid to fly.

In order to be compensated for transporting people and property, pilots should obtain a commercial pilot certificate. 

At Airmax Aviation, we take pride in preparing our students for all examinations on the way to their pilot license, and this includes making sure we cover all the required material for you to pass your written exams with ease and confidence.

Step 4: Earning Certified Flight Instructor Certificates allows pilots to earn a living flying while simultaneously obtaining the flight experience required by airlines.

Becoming a CFI gives you the qualifications to teach Private Pilot and Commercial Single-Engine students.

• Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating

Your CFII allows you to teach instrument rating students both on aeronautical knowledge and flight training and is a great way to build on your own instrument skills.

Step 5: Gain flight experience and earn your minimum 1,500 hours total flight time.

Individuals with Flight Instructor Ratings and Commercial Pilot License may seek employment as a pilot anywhere they choose. According to job postings for aircraft pilots and flight Instructors, employers seek pilots to fill Flight Instructor positions to provide training for their students. Employers preferred pilots with at least one year of flight experience and various pilot licenses.

Step 6: You are eligible for an Airline Pilot Job.

Airmax Aviation's accelerated courses are a defining factor in getting you into the cockpit instead of keeping you at your desk as a four-year college course will do, and this is manifested in the seniority ranking and advancement time of your career as a pilot. Take advantage of the pilot shortage happening right now and start your pilot career.

Is Learning to Fly Safe?

The greatest advantage of becoming a student pilot is that you have a very low chance of experiencing an accident. Reviews of pilot certificate ratings show that student pilots have some of the lowest accident rates. When obtaining your private pilot certificate, you’ll be flying with a highly trained pilot that potentially has thousands of hours of flight experience. When you have the best and the brightest pilots supervising you, your chances of encountering a flying accident reduce dramatically.

We believe on Safety first and we teach you always to be safe. At AirmaxAviation, we’re committed to provide full-service training to each and every individual to help ensure that we’re meeting the highest safety standards regulated by the FAA.

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